The 10th Floor

Empowering startups at the intersection of tech, community, and government

It is our belief that the Los Angeles area is the next region to lead the way for positive growth and innovation in the tech space and it is our mission to empower startups that feel the same way. 


The 10th Floor is a curated community and work space of like-minded healthcare entrepreneurs who are dedicated to the growth and success of the LA tech community.


If you have a startup in the healthcare sector, you need to be a part of our community. 


We offer you access to

  • healthcare thought leaders from both the public and private sectors.
  • legal, financial, and investment support.
  • engagement with senior advisors.
  • product development resources such as product managers, information architects, UI/UX designers, developers, engineers, DevOps, IT support, etc...
  • 24 hour work space, conference rooms, and kitchen.
  • demo days.
  • events.

We ask that you have a

  • passion for growing your company in, by, and for the Los Angeles area.
  • desire to give back to the community around you.
  • goal of making the world, and your sector, better.
  • good idea and a damn good team.