The Team

Our team is dedicated to turning LA into the perfect example of what is possible when tech, community, and government work together to tackle large societal challenges.


The Core
Taylor McPartland
David Turkell
India Williams
Ryan Oliver
Kevin Matthews
Johnny Lam

Tina Chu

Kelly Chu

Healthcare Committee
Kelly Chu

Marcella Debidda

Andrew Altholz

Alan Young

Dr. Paul Song


The Board

Our Board of Directors, representative of all aspects of the LA tech ecosystem, is tasked with making sure the team gets things done.


Nimish Patel
Vice Chairman, MSK LLP

Sharon Amezcua
Founder, European Stock Exchange



Sonya Sepahban
Angel Investor


Taylor McPartland
Managing Director, Junto

Kelly Chu
CEO, Sierra Labs



The Advisors

Our Advisors are executives and thought leaders who are dedicated to the success of our organization and the success of LA area entrepreneurs.


The Partners & Sponsors


Ben Allen
CA State Senator

Michael Robertson
Advisor to Pres. Obama

Peter Brack
Mucker Capital

Rachel Horning
Startups in the Sky

Sara Stringfellow
Fmr. March Capital


Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp

Noble Accounting

Ted Lieu
US Congressman

Mike Bonin
LA City Councilman

Kish Rajan
KRPA Public Affairs

Will Semmes
Bellwether Partners

Eric Manlunas
Wavemaker Partners



Officia Imaging

Richard Bloom
CA Assemblyman

Jesse Torres

Mike Jones
Science Inc

Rafe Furst
The Crypto Company

Rich Jun
Bam Ventures