A Quick Note on Our Mission

Collaboration and communication between Tech,  COMMUNITY, and  GOvernment


ScaleLA has been on quite a journey since we originally came up with the idea almost two years ago. At that time, we felt that Southern California tech companies didn't have a voice in state and national conversations simply because no one was asking us what we thought or needed. In our opinion, our entrepreneurs needed to become more visible - to play a role in national conversations - in order to really grow. In other words, in order to scale.

(Note: our organization's name at the time was Lincoln Federation. That name was entirely my idea and it took me a year to realize that ScaleLA made much more sense. Sorry, I'm not always the quickest).

Over that first year we did some things that worked well, we also did some things that were learning experiences. However, there was always something missing. While it's great to have entrepreneurs and elected officials getting together and talk about solving big problems, a means of implementation was sorely lacking. Who would benefit, how would they benefit, and how would we measure it, were all questions that we were asking ourselves. 

The solution, when it came, came quickly... the community.

Entrepreneurs and elected officially are often trying to tackle many of the same issues but how their solutions to those issues are implemented, how they are delivered, is really where the rubber

meets the road. How will disruptions to healthcare, transportation, and finance (in the form of bitcoin) impact the Los Angeles community, not to mention society at large.

Community, i.e. the end user, is what ties everything together...okay, now we have something.

By incorporating community into our mission, everything became clear. Entrepreneurs develop solutions to issues that we (the community) are facing every day and government is the fuel that can empower implementation and progress. 

While connecting these three bodies together is not entirely unique, the requirement for all of them to be pointing in the same direction before any can move forward is.

I firmly believe that without startups, community, and government collaborating openly, there is no opportunity for sustainable progress and a better future.  

Los Angeles, is the perfect ecosystem for this way of thinking to take hold. We have the entrepreneurial talent, the diversity of industry, the forward-thinking legislators, and the engaged community. Now, it's time to come together and make it happen. 

Together, we can define what it means to be entrepreneurs in this region and transform progressive community support and engagement for generations to come. 

  Taylor McPartland  - Chief Executive Officer

Taylor McPartland - Chief Executive Officer