FinTech (and Crypo) Committee



ScaleLA focuses on verticals that are important for our entrepreneurs and our community. Each year, we assess the needs of our ecosystem and determine which new sector to include as an area of focus for The Engine. In 2018, we are focusing on fintech (crypto) and healthcare

If the ScaleLA Engine is the body, the Committee is the mind.

Meeting quarterly, with invited guests and thought leaders, the FinTech Committee is empowered to drive the success of the LA fintech industry and support promising startups who are pushing the boundaries forward.


There are three primary opportunities for FinTech Committee members:

  • With no more than 10 active members permitted at any time, participants are able to sit at a table with top thought leaders, elected officials, and candidates. This allows them to learn the trends of the fintech industry and voice their challenges and concerns.
  • Hear pitches from carefully selected startups and optionally take on advisory roles with the startups in exchange for equity.
  • Free access to The Engine.

current Members

Nimish Patel

Interested in joining? Email us at

Past Special guests

Congressman Ted Lieu

Carl Hansen of Bird - Speaking on cyber security